The story of Brian & Nate, Lifestyle Re-designers and Passion Seekers

In 2014, we quit our desk jobs and booked one-way tickets to the sun-drenched shores of Mexico. During our year here, we plan to discover a sustainable way to make a living from our passions, interests and hobbies. We invite you on our journey as we tackle a new culture and strive to live life on our terms. Along the way, we'll share the conversations and life philosophies that led us here and beyond.


Letter to the Editor

One of our biggest complaints about our daily lives in comparison to our lives back in Seattle is the poor quality of internet service.  It’s a common complaint of many all along this bay.  It’s not uncommon for the internet to sporadically go out for minutes to hours multiple times…


Ramblings on Cinco de Mayo

Today is Cinco de Mayo, or, as we affectionately refer to it in the US, Cinco de Drinko. Margaritas are…